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No matter where you are in Italy, dial 113 for all emergencies, or ask somebody (your concierge, a passerby) to call for you, as not all 113 operators speak English. Key words to remember for emergency situations are Aiuto! (Help!, pronounced ah-you-toh) and Pronto soccorso, which means "first aid." When confronted with a health emergency, head straight for the Pronto Soccorso department of the nearest hospital or dial 118. To call a Red Cross ambulance (ambulanza), dial 06/5510. If you just need a doctor, ask for un medico; most hotels will be able to refer you. Ask the physician for una fattura (an invoice) to present to your insurance company for reimbursement. Alternatively, the city of Rome has a medical clinic dedicated to sick tourists (flu, fever, minor aches and pains, etc.). The Nuovo Regina Margherita Hospital offers a 24-hour tourist medical service and is staffed by one medical doctor and two nurses. The tourist service is located at the Nuovo Regina Margherita Hospital on Via Morosini 30 (Trastevere); the phone number is 06/58441.

Other useful Italian words to use are Fuoco! (Fire!, pronounced fwoe-co) and Ladro! (Thief!, pronounced lah-droh).

Italy has a national military police force (carabinieri) as well as local police (polizia). Both are armed and have the power to arrest and investigate crimes. Always report any theft or the loss of your passport to either the carabinieri or the police, as well as to your embassy. Local traffic officers are known as vigili (though their official name is Polizia Roma Capitale)—they are responsible for, among other things, giving out parking tickets and clamping cars. Should you find yourself involved in a minor car accident, you should contact the vigili (06/67691). Call the countrywide toll-free number 113 if you need the police.

Most pharmacies are open Monday–Saturday 8:30–1 and 4–8, though some are open later or even 24 hours. A schedule posted outside each pharmacy indicates the nearest pharmacy open during off-hours (afternoons, through the night, and Sunday). Farmacia Internazionale Capranica, Farmacia Internazionale Barberini (open 24 hours), and Farmacia Cola di Rienzo are pharmacies that have some English-speaking staff. The hospitals listed here have English-speaking doctors. Rome American Hospital is about 30 minutes by cab from the center of town.

For a full listing of doctors and dentists in Rome who speak English, visit your embassy’s webpage.

Doctors and Dentists

Aventino Medical Group. Via Sant'Alberto Magno 5, Aventino, Rome, Latium, 00153. 06/57288349; 06/5780738;

Roma Medica . Weekends and house calls. 338/6224832;

General Emergency Contacts

Ambulance. 118.

Carabinieri (Military and Civilian Police Force). .

Fire Department. 115.

Polizia (Police). Emergency Police Help Number (Will connect you also to medical or fire help lines). 113.

Hospitals and Clinics

Rome American Hospital. Via Emilio Longoni 69, Rome, Latium, 00155. 06/22551;

Salvator Mundi International Hospital. Viale delle Mura Gianicolensi 67, Rome, Latium, 00152. 06/588961;


Highway Police. 06/22101.

Roadside Assistance (Automobile Club d'Italia). 803116.


Farmacia Cola di Rienzo. Via Cola di Rienzo 223, San Pietro, Rome, Latium, 00192. 06/3243130; 06/3244476;

Farmacia Internazionale Barberini. Piazza Barberini 49, Rome, Latium, 00187. 06/4825456; 06/4871195.

Farmacia Internazionale Capranica. Piazza Capranica 96, Piazza Navona, Rome, Latium, 00186. 06/6794680.


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